Driving Test

In order to gain your full driving licence you will have to complete the Driving Test. This is a two step process, with both a practical and theoretical element.

You need to have your provisional licence with you to take the Theory and Practical tests.

Step 1 – The Theory:

This test is computer based. The test is in two parts, multiple choice questions first, then a hazard perception test. Both tests must be passed at the same sitting in order to obtain a pass. The first part of test consists of 50 multiple choice questions taken from a question bank of about a 1000, about an hour is allowed for completion and the pass mark is 43. The second part is the hazard perception, this test follows the first test after a 3 minute interval. This test involves candidates responding to 15 moving hazards presented during 14 one-minute video clips (one clip contains 2 moving hazards). Candidates are required to score at least 44 points out of 75 possible in order to pass.

In order to pass this section of the test it is essential to have a sound knowledge of the highway code. Click here for the online version:

David advises that it is important to practice, practice, practice:

Step 2 – The Practical Test

This driving test lasts for about 40 minutes and takes place on pre-selected routes designed for testing various different aspects of your driving skills. The test starts with the examiner checking your eyesight (reading a registration plate from a distance of 20.5 metres with glasses if worn). You will be asked two ‘show me/tell me’ vehicle safety questions one at the beginning of the test and the other whilst driving on the test. Then, it’s into the vehicle for a drive on one of the routes. There is only 1 reversing manoeuvre exercise and an independent drive of approximately 20 minutes duration where you will either be asked to follow directions from the satnav or to follow road signs towards a particular destination. When you return to the driving test centre at the end of your test, the examiner will then give you the result.